Sunday, July 01, 2007

Some Things I've Learned...

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So in the 5 or so months that I've been running here's a short list of some of the interesting tidbits I've learned:

  • To lose 1lb. you burn 3,500 more calories than you take in
  • To lose 1 lb. per week you need a 500 calorie per day deficit
  • For every mile you log you burn 100 calories
  • Generally there's a 10% increase in calories burned for each degree of incline. For example a 5% incline burns 50% more calories while a 10% incline doubles your calorie burn!
  • Healthy runners will race about 2 seconds per mile faster for every pound they lose
  • Carbs: are best to eat before or right after a workout (chose those that are fiber-rich & high in water content to keep you full)
  • Protein: Limit the number of calories in protein choices. The fatter the protein the smaller the serving should be.
  • Fat: Foods with a little fat slow the rate of digestion and provide a sense of fullness
  • Before a run aim for a meal that is 80% carbs 10% protein and 10% fat
  • Mint tea 30min before a run stimulates digestion and eases intestinal cramps
  • Fuel up an hour or 2 before running and refueling within an hour of finishing
So this is all well and good right, but it's incredibly hard to figure out a meal that fits into that ratio especially when you like milk and cheese as much as I do, haha! And cutting out 500 calories per day is pretty rough especially when you're hungry all of the time from working out and running almost everyday. It's no wonder why in 5 months I've only lost 4.5 pounds.

Guess those after work drinks ought to find there way out of my life huh? bummer...seeing as i don't stay out late these days for sleep is precious! Hehe! We'll see if I can still make my goal weight by October. Only 13.5 more pounds to go which is about a pound a week give or take. Tell cheese I said hi....I miss it already ;)

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