Monday, May 21, 2007

Training Update #2

by Christine Mortesen 0 comments

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So just a real quick update for you...I'm so pissed!!!

Last Saturday (May 12)was our longest group run yet...8 miles; and what do I go and do? I injure my god blessed foot that's what. LOL, oh that figures right?! I think I sprained it but i'm not positive. It's slightly bruised and a wee puffy on the outside of my foot and only hurts when I put all of my weight on my heel.

Well luckily it's Tuesday and it's already starting to feel better. I was icing it and kept it wrapped in an ACE bandage for the most part except for today because I wore my sneakers.

Against my better judgment I still went to yoga last night. That probably wasn't the BEST idea but the instructor came over often and told me how I could modify some posses so that I don't hurt myself further. I just couldn't stand the idea of missing 2 weeks in a row especially knowing that I probably can't run at all this week.

Seeing as my foot felt ok-ish I tried my hand at swimming since I figured it's a non-weight bearing activity. Man! I've not been swimming in forever and NEVER laps. I think I lasted all of ten minutes! Oh well, it made my foot feel great!

Think I'll be hobbling around a bit longer but my hope is that I can do a little jogging on Saturday; Tuesday at the latest! [fingers crossed!]

Take care all!

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