Tuesday, December 26, 2006 & New Music (Bands) I've Discovered Today!

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I've been really getting back into music the past couple of weeks and I stumbled across! What a great discovery. If you have not checked it out already I highly recomend you do so. There are two parts to; the website and the standalone application.

The standalone application is a "radio" player that allows you to play music from artists that you might enjoy simply by typing in an artist name. For schizos like me, you can create multiple radio stations to cover your many personalities :)

The application can "scrobble" any music you listen to through iTunes, Windows Media Player and various other players while the site provides you with your own charts of your listening habits.

What's more..."As you listen to music and use, you build up a unique musical profile to share with your friends." How cool is that?! More social networking, I love it!

Below is a quick sample of the music I greatly enjoyed listening to after requesting music similar to "Imogen Heap"...

Stars – Elevator Love Letter
Mae – Summertime
Radiohead – Myxomatosis (Crisian Vogel mix)
Stars – Ageless Beauty
Stars – International Rock Star
Regina Spektor – The Flowers
Hot Hot Heat – no not now
Rilo Kiley – Three Hopeful Thoughts
Sia – Sweet Potato
Sia – Drink To Get Drunk (Different Gear remix)
Radiohead – A Wolf at the Door
Zero 7 – The Pageant of the Bizarre

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