Tuesday, December 02, 2008

ITALY (Day 4)- An incomplete entry...getting tired of travel

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Day 4- Monday 17th

Today I slept in a bit while Katie and Nicole squeezed in a short jog before heading to Taormina this afternoon. I have to admit, I'm feeling a little cranky today probably because I really just don't feel like traveling any more. I think from now on vacations for me will include no more than two destinations. packing in 3 within a 10 day time frame is a little too much for me. Good to learn that now though :)

But back to this trip. Today we're checking out of the Hotel Azzolini and as mentioned, we're making our way to Taormina Sicily. When the girls get back to the room we get ready, pack up, and head downstairs for a quick breakfast and arrange for transportation to the train station.


Breakfast in Sicily by the way is not the traditional American style meal of eggs, sausage, omelets, pancakes etc. Instead, here it's more along the lines of a continental breakfast which I actually would enjoy more on a day to day basis. Not that anyone really has time these days to prepare a full breakfast for themselves each morning anyways. If you do, hat's off to you sir or madame. My daily routine consists of coffee and a granola bar of some variety eaten in my car on the way to work. In Italy however, it's ham or salami with swiss cheese, rolls, croissants, cereal and milk, orange, grapefruit or pineapple juice. And of course there's coffee! Sometimes it's fresh and others it's cappuccino from a machine with the later being far inferior as to be expected (it'll still due though if you're in need of that morning boost as I am).


On the way to the train station we of course realize that there's a stop at least half as far from the hotel than the station we walked to yesterday in the blazing sun! Could this be the work of the hex?

My heavy suitcase...again...luckily the taxi driver offered help down the stairs. Poor guy is still probably recovering from the hernia that gave him.

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