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ITALY (Day 2): Ah Yes...that's more like it!

by Christine Mortesen 1 comments


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So Italy day two is coming to a slow and winding close.  Which I must say is quite a welcome and nice way to end yet another somewhat draining day of travel. The sleeper car although nothing i was expecting was a nice respite from the bustling train station in Roma (see previous post for the scoop on that) .

As I mentioned earlier, we're now in a sleepy little country town called Carina. It's actually, as admitted by the help at the very friendly front desk, a "summer sport" town.  Apparently, this time of year, without a car, there's not much to do here. However, at least for me, It's actually a very welcome thing to have nothing to do. Some might feel that this is a waste of time traveling so far and long to have nothing to do but for me 'nothing' is a whole lot os something. I am perfectly content after our 2 long days of 3 trains, 2 planes, a taxi, and a boat (while still in a train, mind you) that we sit, eat, and throw back a few glasses of wonderful wine and share the great conversations that this group is known to have.

When we arrived at the hotel we immediately determined the shower que; myself, Nicole then Katie. The room was actually much larger than I had expected with it's white plaster walls, tiled floors, three beds, 2 desks, mini fridge, small TV, armoire, and generous patio. A sight for sore eyes.

I hop in the shower, which i must say, had an odd configuration. Hang with me here, it's worth it. So the shower has this screen; it's like a cheap plastic folding screen that consists of 3 panels but only reaches across half the length of the tub!? Not only does the screen not reach across the whole length of the tub, there's a gap between the bottom of the panels and the ledge of the tub. So what this means is that when you turn on the shower head (which also by the way, directly faces the shower head) water runs down and conveniently falls down the outside of the tub.

Ok, so you have some water on the floor of a tiled bathroom floor. No biggie right? Well, not so much after I'm done because I was first and was trying to watch the water level. Not sure what happened after me but by the time Katie was done we had water out the door and soaking Nicole's bed!?

"Katie! Katie! Stop the water!"


"Turn off the water; it's coming out the door!"


And so with that, our cumulative effect resulted in a small pond outside our bathroom door which we were luckily able to dam with one of Nicole's towels so that it wouldn't enter the remainder of the room. Towel after towel we lay down to soak up the water, ring out, repeat. It was pretty funny.

After we're all scrubbed up and feel like humans again. We stroll downstairs and ask the woman at the desk which direction we should walk. "Go to the main road and turn left" she says. And so, we do. It's a quiet town that feels oddly a lot like the country, non-touristy part of Cabo.

After Kennedy's we walked further towards "il Centro" and stumbled across a Gelateria! Hooray! But they didn't have any Gelato. How does a Gelateria not have Gelato? I mean, it's practically in your name people, how do you not sell it? :)

Ah success! We have found Gelato and it is DELICIOUS! I got Caffé, NicoleРLimona, and KatieРsome scrumptious looking Chocolate and peanut butter combo! Did I say DELICIOUS?! Mmmmm...could get that everyday! How are Italian women so thin?

The walk back: feet are starting to hurt a bit from my newer shoes but whatever. We get caught in a cold afternoon thunderstorm! Huge drops are hitting us now and we still have a bit to walk back to the hotel. Nothing to do but walk and so we pick the pace up a bit. By the time we reach the hotel lobby, we are 3 drowned rats.

The official themes of this trip are Vehicles (modes of transportation, and water) I'll fill in more on this later.

Time for a nap! We wake up at 6:30pm and get ready for dinner. Dinner was nice and simple. We order Tortellini with mushrooms in a tomato cream sauce, Sea-bass with steak fries, and a steak also with fries (interesting). Solid meals for the hotel ristorante and decently priced I must add!

I'm drifting into la-la-land...must sleeeeeeeeeeep...

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Uneekdolldesigns said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I am jealous....say hi to Andrea Bocelli for me if you see him!

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