Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Latest in Scams: Intellichat

by Christine Mortesen 0 comments


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Ok, so maybe 'scams' is a bit harsh but this is pretty underhanded in my book. The service is called Intellichat and it basically acts as a sales representative for your online business via a chat-like forum. In their words an "Automated Sales Agent".

To me, it's one thing to call a company's customer service number and be greeted by a machine but it's another when a computer program is posing as a live human over IM to keep you from abandoning an online shopping cart. At least with the voice over the phone I can hit zero and talk to a real person. With this I just feel like I'm being tricked. It's a pretty good trick seeing as it caught my attention but you can see through it right one types that fast...c'mon people :)

I guess this is what I get for clicking on banner ads. Like I mentioned earlier I normally shy away from the practice. Oh well, I didn't want that Chinese diet tea thing anyways...probably just causes trouble down below! And who wants that?!

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