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My Half-Marathon a month plan

by Christine Mortesen 2 comments

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As mentioned in a previous post (B-school Bound) , at the start of the year I made a resolution to run a half marathon each month this year. I think I may have been on a runner's high because that's just non-sense (at least for me). I very much love to run but being 5 months into the year already if I continue to try doing a half marathon per month I'm going to be burnt out on running all together, especially since I'm marathon training.

Here's how it's panned out so far:

Medio Maraton Internacional los Cabos (Cabo san Lucas, Mexico) 2:23:51 (pace 11:00/mi)

Fly with the Eagles Half Marathon (Marion, IL) 2:27:23 (pace 11:15/mi)

Shamrock Shuffle 8k (Chicago, IL) 50:25 (pace 10:08/mi)


  1. The Relay 199 Mile Race (Calistoga in Napa Valley to the beach in Santa Cruz ) 34:04:19 Team of 11 people (I ran 3 legs totaling just about 13mi averaged about 10:30/mi)
  2. Race to Wrigley 5k (Chicago, IL) 31:23:51 (pace 10:07/mi)

Soldier Field 10 Mile 1:45:57 (Chicago, IL) (pace 10:36/mi)

• 11 mile training run on the 28th (only 2 miles short ;)

• 12 mile training run on the 12th
• 14 mile run two weeks later on the 26th

• Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon (Chicago, IL) Time to beat 2:36:36 11:58/mi
• 16 mile run in the 23rd

• 18 mile run on the 6th
• 20 mile run on the 20th
• 12 miles on the 27th

Chicago Marathon (Chicago, IL) Time to beat 5:34:13 12:44/mi.



So as you can see...
There's a few gaps in the above schedule. I count the Shamrock Shuffle 8k only because I'm doing a marathon this year and that's 2 halfs so I get a month for free ;) As far as May goes, the Soldier Field race was "only" 10 miles but that's the farthest I've ran at that pace ever so I'm not going to harsh myself on the lack of 3.1 miles. Maybe I should change this resolution to a race longer than a 5k each month?! haha.

I've also had a hard time finding half marathons close to the Chicago area that are drivable without having to stay overnight. If you have any race suggestions please let me know!

I've found that my limit is 5 a hour drive. Back in February my dad and I drove down to Marion IL for the FLy with the Eagles Half Marathon. It was a gorgeous course! I even saw my first bald eagles (hence the name)! We left Chicago at 2am and drove straight through, arriving at 7am and the race started at 8. PERFECT! 1 hour to relax before the race, I'm sleeping! Yeah, I wouldn't suggest that regime to anyone. I think that's why I couldn't beat my time from the month before. It was a great experience though, to run a wooded course on your own without any of your running buddies. Just you and nature, the sound of your feet crunching leaves, birds flying over head, a smile here and there from fellow racers. It was a great test. Can I do this without having familiar faces next to me? I CAN! And I guess that's the real reason why I wanted to run a half marathon a month. To find out if I can, and I did!

Comments 2 comments
Amy@RunnersLounge said...

I love the half marathon distance and read your post with interest! I don't think I could logistically do a half a month and my legs might not like it too. But, it's like you said - you have to try it to find out if you like it.

I think Des Moines, IA is right at your 5 hour limit - but there is a great 20K race (12.4 miles) on May 31 that might squeak in for your June run. Check out Dam to Dam!


Christine said...

Thanks for comment & th recommendation Amy! I'll check that out. That'll put me in great shape for May (or June) and just under the wire too ;)


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